Spring in Alaska always brings a renewed feeling of optimism and energy. This year however, there is much going on in the world casting some shadows on that usual optimism and energy. Whether it’s events unfolding on the world stage, in Juneau, or within our own organizations, the noise can be deafening and at the very least, distracting.

How do we as public relations professionals stay above the fray when our job is to be the calm in the storm and provide sound PR advice and counsel even during the most difficult times?

We must make recharging our batteries — personally and professionally — a priority. This means spending time doing the things that matter most. Whether it’s a taking a yoga class with a friend, attending a training seminar, or spending time with family, knowing when to disconnect from the noise is critically important to being our best—on the job or at home.

I hope that each of you makes plans to turn off the noise and recharge your batteries this summer. I know I am.


Michelle Renfrew, APR

2017 President for PRSA Alaska Chapter

Director of University Relations, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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