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August 2022

This edition of the chapter’s e-news underscores the importance of school and life learning, as well as celebrating milestones. On the professional milestone front, we announce when and where the 2022 Aurora Awards celebration will happen. On the cultural milestone front, we proudly adopt a Land Acknowledgement statement (read it!) and remind readers about August cultural holidays honoring the world’s Indigenous people, and celebrating women’s equality. Read how an active PRSA chapter volunteer formed lasting relationships that promote her career growth. Finally, take advantage of member and early discounts for ICON, and welcome two new PR/communications pros to PRSA Alaska.

Newsletter Archive

July 2022

This edition of the chapter’s e-news bulletin reminds us that being a member of PRSA Alaska is being part of something special. Discover how we embrace diversity and promote inclusion. Read how PRSA helped a journalist transition to public relations. Learn how to tie PR activities into business goals. Broaden your connections with fun and creative volunteer opportunities. Remember to get recognized for your good work. And, help welcome a new PR/communications pro into our supportive fold.

June 2022

This edition of the chapter’s e-news bulletin encourages engagement on several fronts. Delve into year-round member benefits, including our chapter’s June professional development program focused on employee engagement. Gain insight into ethical loyalties and timely diversity-and-inclusion topics that promote meaningful connection. Finally, discover how we continually celebrate peers – from our monthly new member welcome and member spotlight articles, to promoting annual award nominations and congratulating those earning national recognition.

May 2022

This edition of the chapter’s e-news bulletin showcases a chapter on the move with the spring thaw. We’ve got a new national PRSA leader among us, our awards program begins soon, we’ll be learning from a video storytelling expert from Amazon, our chapter is now LinkedIn, we share tools to tackle disinformation, we shine a spotlight on another Fairbanks communicator, and we welcome two new members.

April 2022

This edition of the chapter’s e-news bulletin tells stories that remind us of a calling to inspire and influence (president’s message) and to do so with integrity (IRL code lesson). One tale tells of courage and confidence to start something new (member spotlight). Other stories describe ways to skill-build and strive through local webinars (April program), in-person gatherings (section conferences), volunteer opportunities (award judging), accreditation and celebration (APR month and achievement).

March 2022

In a nod to the pending spring, this edition of the chapter’s e-bulletin salutes a renewal of commitment to professional growth – from great reasons to join PRSA, to a timely (TikTok) lunch learning program, to an array of chapter volunteer opportunities. Plus there’s always a healthy dose of recognition, including sponsor appreciation, a member spotlight, new member welcome, and a salute to PRSA’s 75th anniversary.