Section 1. Nominating Committee. There shall be a nominating committee of no less than three members (at least one of whom is accredited) appointed by the president at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting of the Chapter.

Section 2. Nominations. The nominating committee shall notify the membership 45 days prior to the annual meeting of a qualified nominee for each officer, director and PRSA Leadership Assembly delegate whose term is expiring. It shall ensure that each nominee has been contacted and agrees to serve if elected. Members shall have 10 days to make additional nominations to the committee, provided the nominee(s) meets the requirements for service, has been contacted and agrees to serve. Any additional nominations must each include five signatures of support from members in good standing.

Section 3. Notice to Membership. At least 30 days prior to the annual meeting of the Chapter, a ballot shall be sent to all Chapter members that includes a list of nominees prepared by the nominating committee and any other business to be voted upon by the membership.

Section 4. Elections. Officers, directors and PRSA Leadership Assembly delegates shall be elected at the annual meeting. Those elected shall be those garnering the most votes of the voting members. Voting may be conducted electronically or in person at the annual meeting. Members who have not yet voted shall be issued a ballot for in-person voting at the meeting. The secretary shall count the ballots and election results shall be announced prior to the close of the annual meeting. If the secretary is on the ballot, the ethics officer shall count the ballots. If the secretary and ethics officer are both on the ballot, the president shall appoint another board member to count the votes.