Paving the Way: Using video on social media to increase public support for major construction the Alaska Department of Transportation’s award-winning social media video series on the Mitchell Expressway construction project in Fairbanks.

Caitlin Frye will discuss the creative process for this video series including capturing video and photos, using images from Internet searches, the importance of music, and how to incorporate humor. She will also provide tips and examples on how to produce content with a limited budget and how to write with simple language for maximum understanding.

Danielle Tessen will discuss the planning and strategy behind the roll-out of this video series including timing, how and where to post, integrating the videos with other outreach materials, monitoring and responding to comments, and adapting to the unexpected.

Danielle Tessen is a Publications Specialist with the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities with a MA in communication from UAF. Her interest in intentional strategic planning sparked during her time as the executive director for a statewide nonprofit. As a fourth generation Fairbanksan Danielle values connecting with her community through engaging and meaningful content. Her favorite projects are the ones that involve a diverse group of people and inspire her with new outreach methods. When she is not preparing for the upcoming construction season, Danielle likes to challenge herself with new workouts to keep up with her two daughters, Madison and Monroe. Balancing out the healthy lifestyle of working out Danielle and her husband Craig are also regulars at local breweries for date night.

Caitlin Frye is an Information Officer with the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities who connects the stories of her colleagues and their work with the Alaskans they serve. She believes that honest, compassionate, transparent, and creative communications lead to greater trust, cooperation, and productivity. Caitlin entered the communications field with a background in public service, writing and editing, graphic design, and on stage as a local musician. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Colorado College in 2005.

Event Information

When: Noon to 1 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 29
Where: Westmark Fairbanks Hotel & Conference Center
Tickets: Here!