Job Responsibilities:

I work on the digital team handling all things video. I also lead The Open Doors Initiative, a new division of T&C, which is focused on raising the voices of Black, Indigenous, people of color as well as issues of inequality affecting marginalized groups.

Favorite Music

Anything Prince

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Public Communication (JPC) with a focus on Strategic Communications, earned from the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) in 2014.

How does membership in PRSA assisted you?

PRSA Alaska has created many connections for me. Building a network that isn’t hollow can be hard — this chapter creates relationships that matter. But I think the most important part of pursuing a career in PR is having a desire to learn, adapt and grow. It’s all about information and education. Being a member of a community that is constantly sharing new ways to evolve is such a luxury, especially when it’s catered to the Alaska market.

“Each one teach one” is a phrase I always come back to. Joining PRSA Alaska opens up a lot of opportunities to benefit from professionals who are doing just that.

Thoughts on PRSA Alaska Volunteering

I’ve been managing the PRSA Alaska website since 2016 and might do it for the rest of my life. But in all seriousness, it’s a position I enjoy and will do for as long as I am wanted and needed. I encourage everyone to explore ways in which they can volunteer, too!