Member Spotlight: Teal Soden

May 2, 2023 | News

Meet Teal Soden, a homegrown communications talent from the Golden Heart city of Fairbanks. She’s leant her expertise to her hometown’s city government in several positions. That includes a dozen years working for the Fairbanks Police Department, most recently as a public information officer / community outreach specialist, and previously a half-dozen years as communications director for the city mayor’s office.

Job Responsibilities:
“I started at the Police Department in 2010 in administration and data management. From 2016-2022 I worked as the Communications Director in the Mayor’s Office. When the Fairbanks Police Department got a full-time PIO position, I went back to FPD where I handle media relations, community outreach, and recruiting,” explained Teal. “A favorite part of my job is highlighting the amazing work of those around me to the community and helping to build connections between the Fairbanks community and the police department.”

Hometown: Fairbanks

All-time Favorite Song: Let It Be Me – Ray Lamontagne (was my wedding song)

Education and Certification:
Associates Degree – Applied Business from University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2014

How does membership in PRSA assist you?
“The most valuable aspect of being part of PRSA to me has been the connections that I have built over the years,” said Teal.

“You can learn so much from the experiences of those around you, and I have many times turned to other PRSA members for advice when dealing with difficult situations,” she said. “Not only have they helped me professionally, but many have become close friends.”

Have you volunteered, or are you currently volunteering, in support of the Alaska Chapter?

She’s been co-chair of the PRSA Alaska Chapter Membership Committee since the beginning of 2022.

“I have really enjoyed reaching out to communications professionals and letting them know the benefits they can gain by becoming a part of PRSA,” she said.