Meet Kristen Helvey, principal for Helvey Communications LLC, based in Anchorage.

Job Responsibilities:

Kristin launched Helvey Communications in 2010 and now consults with and assists organizations across community sectors in improving communication strategy and execution. Although Helvey Communications offers a wide variety of services, it is best known for strategic planning and campaign design, content development and communication training.

Hometown: King Salmon

All-time favorite song: Shameless by Garth Brooks


Bachelor’s degree in journalism and broadcasting with an emphasis in public relations from Oklahoma State University (2004)
Master’s degree in business administration from Alaska Pacific University (2009)
Accreditation in Public Relations earned in 2010

How does membership in PRSA assisted you?

PRSA membership has helped me stay current in my field. PRSA offers excellent professional development opportunities and access to many resources like templates, document samples and case studies. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s happening right in front of you, but PRSA helps me take a step back and keep tabs on current trends, new ideas and other perspectives.

My favorite part is definitely the relationships built with people. When I have a challenge, or I’m over-thinking an approach, I have built a network of trusted colleagues who are always willing to talk things through. I’ve made countless professional contacts and many close friends over the years (you can never have too many people in your life who aren’t afraid to tell you when you have spinach in your teeth!).

PRSA Alaska Volunteering

Volunteering for PRSA is a great way to stay connected and involved in the local, regional and national PR communities. I started as a committee member on the PRSA Alaska Chapter Programming Committee, and I was hooked! I’ve since taken on roles such as chair of the chapter’s Membership Committee, chapter president, chair of the district nomination committee, district assembly delegate and national nomination committee alternate. Rotating through different roles has helped me meet new people and build new skills. Plus, it’s just fun!