Member Spotlight: Julie Hasquet

Oct 9, 2022 | News

Meet Julie Hasquet, senior manager of corporate communications for Chugach Electric Association. Named the PRSA Alaska Chapter’s 2018 Communicator of the Year, Julie is a long-time PRSA member with deep roots in Alaskan TV journalism, corporate communications and government relations. She points to PRSA connections as an ongoing source of expertise and professional insight.

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for all internal and external communications, including employee communication, newsletters, editorials, social media and website. She works with multiple departments on message strategy and planning, and serves as Chugach Electric’s media contact and company spokesperson.

Hometown: Long Beach, California

A beloved Song: Dancing Queen by ABBA


Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and film, with a journalism minor, from San Diego State University

How does membership in PRSA assist you?

For working PR professionals, the PRSA Alaska Chapter is an incredible opportunity

to connect with and benefit from the expertise of other PR professionals. I reach out on a regular basis to trusted colleagues for advice on crisis communications, difficult messaging, communication strategies, and more. We are fortunate to have such a solid group of communication experts who are willing to share their thoughts and experience.

The more you put into this group, the more you get out of it. It’s an excellent tool for all of us working to be effective communicators on behalf of the companies and organizations we work for or represent. 

I was honored to be named Communicator of the Year in 2018 by this prestigious group. 

PRSA Alaska Volunteering

I have volunteered in various capacities over the years. I have served as a PRSA-Alaska chapter board member, the chair of the professional development committee, and the chair of the mentorship committee. I have also presented at CommEx, supported the Aurora Awards, and am always looking for opportunities to help the chapter.