Jason Herr is vice president of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Alaska Chapter.

Position / Job:

University of Alaska Anchorage student and layout editor for UAA’s The Northern Light newspaper.

Job responsibilities:

I am responsible for creating the layout for each issues of the Northern Light. We are published weekly during the school year at UAA with a circulation of 1,750 issues distributed throughout the campus and businesses in Anchorage. When I have time, I contribute to writing articles and preparing content to be published in the newspaper. 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Communications – Strategic Communications from UAA.

How does PRSA membership help you?

I like to talk, and this seems the perfect organization to help with that. Though I am new to PRSA and PRSSA, I see the organization to be an amazing way to reach out to professionals for advice, connections and a way to grow as a communicator.

Most of my career experience has been as a retail manager, and I can certainly speak to the need for effective communicators in every possible situation.

I am a cheerleader at heart, and one of the best ways to do that is through communication and positive energy. I look forward to working more with our local PRSA chapter as a student involved with PRSSA at UAA.

When I graduate in May, I’ll join PRSA as a full member and look forward to new opportunities that will be available and continuing my growth as a communicator.

Hometown: Fairbanks

All-time favorite song: Hey, Mickey, by Toni Basil