Brooke Taylor is director of communications for Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council and incoming 2021 president of the PRSA Alaska Chapter.

Job Responsibilities: She oversees council communications and outreach work and strategic planning, serves as media relations lead and spokesperson, and carries out a wide variety of other public relations / communications duties common to many nonprofits.

Hometown: Essex, Vermont. She moved to Alaska in 2002.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication, earned from University of New Hampshire in 2002.

Earned her Accreditation in Public Relations in 2015.

How does membership in PRSA assisted you?

Professional associations create important support networks. I have been a team of one for most of my career, so having a group I  can engage with that speaks my “language” has often provided a welcome breathe of fresh air and understanding when I most needed it. I have had access to many people in PRSA Alaska that I consider informal mentors and the chapter professional development offerings provide important, local education opportunities, especially for many, like me, on tight budgets. Being able to watch national trainings on demand allows the flexibility I need given a busy schedule and the nature of PR work (you never know what issues will pop up from day to day).

While communications is an important part of PR, not having a degree in my chosen field made me wonder about what I was missing from my formal education and gained experience. Earning my APR gave me an opportunity to affirm my knowledge and expand in areas that I was weak. I would not have had that important experience or the credentials that go with it without PRSA Alaska.

Thoughts on PRSA Alaska Volunteering

Brooke is president-elect for the chapter, and will take the chapter’s helm in January 2021. She has been a member of the chapter board of directors for several years, and served as board treasurer. Previously, Brooke chaired the chapter’s finance (now called stewardship) and publicity committees.