It is such an exciting time to work for the Anchorage Public Library and this position has so much potential to bring the library to life and connect it with all facets of the Anchorage community. The Library is the great equalizer of our time. It provides supportive learning spaces for young people, and is a key strand in the social safety net, providing a lifeline to jobs, educational opportunities, literacy and health resources. It’s a place where people from all walks of life in Anchorage gather to form a community. If you care about any of these issues, the Anchorage Public Library is the place for you!


This position is responsible for representing the Anchorage Public Library through strategic marketing and public relations approaches. The successful candidate will demonstrate innovation in promoting and publicizing APL’s services, programs and activities through traditional as well as social media. This position serves as the lead information source to the public and the media as well as providing crisis management and/or communications during emergency situations. Lead on improving internal communications.

Position open until filled; first review of applicants on 12/20/17.

More info about the Library and our current long-range plan can be found here.