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Members asked to vote on proposed bylaws amendments by October 26, 2023

We’re asking PRSA Alaska Chapter members to review and adopt proposed bylaws amendments for our chapter. Members will have the opportunity to vote as part of our annual election process. Votes must be cast before or at our October 26, 2023 annual meeting. Please check your email for an electronic ballot.

Our chapter adopted its current bylaws in 2011. Since that time, PRSA’s national organization has amended its bylaws several times, most recently in November 2022. We’re proposing amendments to our bylaws to align and comply with these national changes, simplify the bylaw amendment process, improve the nomination process and clarify the management structure of the board.

The proposed amendments will be approved if at least two-thirds of the membership votes in favor of the initiative.

Bylaws Amendments Resources

One-page explainer.

Rationale Matrix
This guide includes a description of substantive proposed changes in a side-by-side format with current language, proposed changes and the reason why we’re proposing the change.

Bylaw Amendments Redline
Our current bylaws with every proposed change marked in tracked changes.

Bylaw Amendments Clean
Incorporates all proposed amendments if passed by chapter membership.


If you have questions, contact our Governance Committee co-chairs, Vivian Hamilton, APR, Fellow PRSA and Heather Marron. Thank you for your membership in the Society and PRSA Alaska!